thai food, three ways

Pad Thai Bangkok

A huge part of traveling for us is experiencing different countries’ and cultures’ food. And while Vikram may always be loyal to Malaysian food, Thai food tops my list of favorite cuisines. I would have said this before the trip, and now after going to Thailand I believe it more definitively. (Though currently, Vietnamese food is giving it a run […]

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my favorite malaysian foods

Before coming to Malaysia, Vikram and many of his family members had really talked up Malaysian food, so I was actually a bit nervous that it wouldn’t live up to the hype. But rest assured, Malaysian food—and its street food, in particular—is pretty fantastic. Here’s a summary of Malaysia’s greatest food hits, at least in my opinion! Roti Ah, roti. […]

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savoring the hong kong food scene

Hong Kong offers travelers so much—stunning landscapes, top-notch public transportation, colorful markets and temples to explore—but for me, the major highlight of our week in Hong Kong was the FOOD. Perhaps it was because Vikram and I had sorely missed Asian food during our time in South America, but even under normal circumstances one must cherish (and gobble up) Hong […]

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slowing down in coffee country


We spent the last three days in La Zona Cafetera, or Colombia’s coffee country. Situated in the mountains between Bogotá and Medellin, it’s the perfect climate for growing coffee plants—and, perhaps ironically, the perfect climate for slowing down, albeit with an espresso in hand. The least relaxing part of coffee country was the arrival, though it still wasn’t that bad. […]

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