colombia in review

After every country we visit, Vikram will write a post about our overall experiences and highlights there. Here’s the first one from Colombia! Many of our friends and family were a little concerned when we told them we were starting our trip in Colombia. People we talked to recalled the dangerous history of Colombia, which until relatively recently struggled with civil […]

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colorful cartagena


Describe Cartagena in one word? Easy—COLORFUL. In the walled center city, every street you turn down is a multi-colored sheet, from deep yellows to bright oranges to Caribbean blues.  My question is, why aren’t buildings and house in the United States (and everywhere, for that matter) as colorful? We must keep this palette inspiration in mind for future home decor. […]

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medellín: a tale of two cities

Medellín used to be called the “murder capital of the world”—but now, it’s a hopeful and vibrant city. We had three days to explore and learn about the city, and we both wish we could have stayed here longer. So what makes this city so great? Here are some of the highlights for us: Learning about Medellín Through a Free […]

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slowing down in coffee country


We spent the last three days in La Zona Cafetera, or Colombia’s coffee country. Situated in the mountains between Bogotá and Medellin, it’s the perfect climate for growing coffee plants—and, perhaps ironically, the perfect climate for slowing down, albeit with an espresso in hand. The least relaxing part of coffee country was the arrival, though it still wasn’t that bad. […]

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48 hours in bogotá


Greetings from Bogotá! We are officially underway on our trip, and the Colombian capital is our first stop. These first few days have been a bit of a whirlwind, from a somewhat tearful goodbye with our parents at the airport to getting used to living out of a backpack indefinitely. But overall, we’ve really enjoyed Bogotá! My first impression of […]

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