malaysia in review


After every country we visit, Vikram writes about our overall experiences and highlights. Here’s his take on Malaysia! Malaysia has the best food, as I’ve repeatedly told anyone who would listen. This is a fact. For whatever reason, it hasn’t really taken off in America, but Malaysia’s famous street food scene should put it on the travel list of any […]

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birthdays in malaysia

One of the best parts of our travels so far has been the opportunity to spend so much time with our families abroad. Visiting family was always a “pillar” of our trip, and I’m glad we spent two months across Australia, the Philippines, and Malaysia doing just that. For Malaysia, it was my first time visiting the country and meeting Vikram’s extended family […]

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my favorite malaysian foods

Before coming to Malaysia, Vikram and many of his family members had really talked up Malaysian food, so I was actually a bit nervous that it wouldn’t live up to the hype. But rest assured, Malaysian food—and its street food, in particular—is pretty fantastic. Here’s a summary of Malaysia’s greatest food hits, at least in my opinion! Roti Ah, roti. […]

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