walking the grounds in alsace


Visiting the Alsace region of northeastern France was a bit of a last-minute decision, but it ended up being one of our favorite parts in Europe—and even of the whole trip. First of all, the scenery was simply breathtaking: rolling hills, an array of autumn colors from fading greens to deep reds, expansive plains and farmlands that would stretch for […]

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trekking in sapa

Vietnam Sapa Rice Terraces

One of our trip’s highlights had rather inauspicious beginnings: a restless sleep on an overnight train, an unexpected 5 am wake up call, almost being whisked away by a souvenir hawker instead of our guide, and pouring rain—when we were about to go trekking for 10 kilometers. We were in Sapa, a town in the far north of Vietnam, and we […]

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learning about livelihoods in cambodia’s countryside


Cambodia has awesome temples, but it also has beautiful countrysides—and one of our favorite activities in Cambodia ended up being a bike tour through the green and verdant countryside around Battambang. Battambang is the country’s second biggest city after Phnom Penh, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it upon arrival. It has a very small town feel, and we could traverse the city center in […]

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chilling with the elephants in chiang mai

Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai

We spent an unforgettable day at Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for retired and injured elephants. Going into the day, I knew virtually nothing about elephants and their role in the tourism industry, except that elephant shows and riding are common tourist attractions in Thailand. But we learned many chilling facts about how elephants are treated—their trainers basically torture them […]

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